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A Tool for Security Risk Assessment Surveys

RiskSurv is the global, consistent, and cost-effective methodology specifically designed to determine an organization’s compliance with its own security policies by identifying gaps and prioritizing the actions to address the same in today’s threat and budgetary environments.

Most organizations, and specifically security functions, are experiencing severe cuts to their overhead (both personnel and budgets) while the risks continue to exist. Worse yet, boards continue to expect security to manage those risks in a dwindling resource environment.

A Proprietary Methodology Delivering a Global, Consistent, & Cost Effective Solutions for Security Functions

CTC International Group has developed a proprietary methodology to survey the actual situation on the ground against approved internal policies and procedures. The outcome is a very user-friendly compliance report that provides an objective view to the level of readiness at any given site. The report also identifies gaps and prioritizes actions required to meet duty of care standards. These metrics can be deployed as either a self-assessment or third party external audit.

The RiskSurv methodology provides the following

  1. A true reflection of the level of compliance and readiness against an organization’s own approved policies and procedures
  2. A risk-based, consistent, and weighted level of evaluation, which ensures that only relevant items are covered
  3. A global approach to assessing the function’s level of readiness and effectiveness
  4. A cost-effective way to assess gaps and determine the budgets required to address the same
  5. An excellent tool to help evaluate performance and ensure that the minimum levels of compliance are in place
Download the Risksurv informational brochure to learn more about how RiskSurv can help your business.